about @faithflyeb

Ebony Landon is a Youth Pastor, Community Worker and Commercial Real Estate Manager. 

At the age of 18, Ebony began working in her family’s church tutoring young children with behavioral learning disabilities. It was then she started a small company, EB Learning Center, that served the church’s private school and other schools in the local community. When Ebony started a family, she decided to take a break from her community work to raise her children. She continued supporting the accounting and financial office of the church, school and daycare, but EB Learning Center was retired.

Once her children were all in school, Ebony returned to the community work she so graciously longed for. She began a community movement “PEP” or People Effecting People with her two cousins and a group of other friends and family. But the call on her life was greater than just that organization. Soon after, Ebony began working as the Administrator of New Covenant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, where she currently serves and as Youth Pastor to their growing youth ministry. While Ebony has the awesome job of raising her 3 sons and also being the dedicated wife of Christopher Landon, Ebony works tirelessly to commit herself, not only to her home and work, but also to the lives of the youth and young adults of NCCLJC.

Ebony continues to work in Property Management, serve as Youth Pastor and Church Administrator for New Covenant Church, serve as a board member, and design for @faithflyeb.

What’s next, only God knows and her plan is to follow wherever he may lead.